The group


The Group is a circle of friends, who found together by their common love to perform music in an ensemble.

The literal translation of the group's name is: "cabbage and turnips" (thrown together in a jumble), but the true meaning is related to the following:

The individual musicians orginate from Lake Constance (Bodensee) over Suabia (Schwaben) to Franconia (Franken). Presently they all live on or near the "Fildern", an agricultural region near Stuttgart, famous for its cabbage (the "Spitzkraut").

Our repertoire ranges from medieval minstrel music to old Franconian dance music, and this wide range includes musical pieces from practically all European countries.

Our interpretation of these musical pieces puts less emphasis on an absolute authentic instrumentation. Instead apart from using many old instruments like the hurdy-gurdy (Drehleier) and bagpipes we introduce modern timbres from accordion and transverse flute (if fitting to the "meaning" of the music).