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With "G'Mischde"we present our newest CD.


This CD presents a representative section from our new program with G'Mischden (mixed) pieces of music and dances from europe.

Part of the contents:
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Schottisch "Der Erscht"aus Franken
GavotteFrançois Caroubel (17. Jhdt.)
Bourée auresquante d'Assoutoytrad. aus Frankreich
Galopptrad. aus dem Egerland
Polka gårtrad. aus Schweden
Cairn on the moortrad. aus England
Bourée de l'Étoiletrad. aus Frankreich
Bergère du hameautrad. aus dem Wallis
Solingsvalsentrad. aus Schweden

Our first CD with a lot of different instruments is of course still available.

If we raised your interest:
The CDs are available from Klaus Gauler. To enquire about conditions and pricing please send an e-mail.